Fellow Travellers

Stephen Parkinson (lead guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals)

After many successful years with Cambridge rockers The Candidates, Stephen Parkinson began playing lead guitar for the Red Orkestra early in 2005. As fun to listen to as he is to watch on stage, Steve brings a great deal of excitement to the Red Orkestra.

Neil McDonald (bass, backing vocals)

Also a veteran rocker and former member of The Candidates, Neil took over bass duties for the Red Orkestra from 2005 – 2007, and returned to the fold in 2011 He has performed on the album Life with the Machines, and on the upcoming release.

Rick Andrade (drums)

Former front-man of Waterloo scenesters The Everyday Faces, Rick returned to drumming with The Machines and later with Red Orkestra. Rick’s hard-hitting and skillful drumming appeared on the Life with the Machines album, as well as at Red Orkestra live shows from 2005 – 2007.  Like Neil, Rick returned to work with Red Orkestra in 2011 to record and resume performing with the band.

George Bettencourt (guitar, bass)

Sometimes guitarist/bassist for Red Orkestra, George recorded guitar on 2 Red Orkestra albums before playing bass live with the band for two years (2008-10). Always an integral influence on Johnny, George has had an effect on all Red Orkestra recordings whether he played on them or not.

Nikole Wiseman

Singer for Waterloo-based band Night Crash Noir, Nikole lent her unique vocals to Red Orkestra’s “All’s Well in Heaven and Hell”, singing back-ups on the title track and on “This World I’ve Built”.

Devin Stoneham (drums, backing vocals)

After fronting his own band Madame Tussaud on and off in the 90s, Devin Stoneham released a solo album in 2004 and played shows under his own name, with his back-up band The Outfit. Drummer for the Red Orkestra, Devin contributed both his drumming and singing skills on the Red Orkestra debut “After the Wars”. Devin’s vocals also graced the album, Life with the Machines.

Ian “Loaf” Woodward (guitar)

Guitarist for Canadian rock n roll/punk veterans The Pariahs, Loaf sidestepped into the world of the Red Orkestra to bulk-up the live shows and to help Johnny record “After the Wars”. Lending the Red Orkestra the same sense of unpredictable danger audiences have come to expect and love from a Pariah’s show (as well as his sartorial prowess; which comes in handy at dinner parties and music industry dysfunctions) Loaf was an integral part in getting the original concept of the Red Orkestra off the ground.

Neil Leyton (bass)

Neil Leyton has been involved with many musical projects in the past, from fronting The Conscience Pilate to pursuing a solo career while establishing his own imprint, Fading Ways Records. His skill with languages has proven as indispensable to the Red Orkestra’s mission as his revolutionary, irreverent and outright iconoclastic bass guitar skills. As the director of Fading Ways Records, Neil has had a great deal to do with the successes of the Red Orkestra.

The Ghosts

Neil Leyton and his Swedish backing band The Ghosts, which includes Micke Ghost and Tommie Riot, backed Johnny up for a recording in Germany during the Hyperventilating tour of 2007. The result was a track titled “Red Stars”, which was released on the “Enola” EP late in 2007. Micke also fronts his own project called The Canadian Cowboy.

Katherine Mrmak (violin, viola)

Kat not only performed violin and viola parts for several tracks on Life with the Machines, she also wrote for and arranged all strings for the album. She, along with Peter Stuart, also performs those tracks and others live with Johnny in what has become a rather cool three piece acoustic/strings set that offers Red Orkestra fans an occasional change of pace from the more rollicking electric sets.

Peter Stuart  (cello)

Peter performed on Life with the Machines and has also been playing live sets with Johnny and Kat. An exceptional cellist, Peter’s haunting melodies compliment Johnny’s melancholic lyrics beautifully.

Vince Wardell (drums)

Former Candidates and Red City drummer Vince Wardell drummed for Red Orkestra in 2008. Steady, yet unpredictable, Vince made live shows fun for band and crowd alike.

Steve Payne (engineer, producer)

As the engineer and co-producer for all Red Orkestra releases to date, Steve Payne is of the utmost importance to the Red Orkestra, despite never playing a note with the band. A genius in the studio (with a couple gold records to prove it), Steve and Johnny go back many years and several different musical projects.

Anissa Hart (cello)

A classically trained cellist, Anissa lent her abilities to the Red Orkestra during the recording of “After the Wars”. Having played in the past with Skarlet O’Hara, Rich Lowenberg, and Hush Hush, she is now a mainstay with Toronto’s Ohbijou.

Po (percussion)

A man of many talents, Po is one half of the Toronto duo TRAIn Of THOt. His contribution to the Red Orkestra was that of playing percussion on the “After the Wars” track “Sail for Home”. A long time friend of Johnny’s, Po has a degree in music from York University, and free-lances and teaches in his spare time.

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